Sexual Addiction Self-Screening Quiz

  • The Sex and Porn Addiction Screening Test, 2017-18 Version (SAPAST, 2017-18) is a preliminary assessment tool. Your response to the questions below can help you, in conjunction with a licensed psychotherapist, identify issues with sexual compulsivity/addiction. Answer each question by placing a check in the appropriate “yes” or “no” box.

  • This test is self-scored. Three or more “yes” answers may indicate the presence of an intimacy disorder such as sex or porn addiction. If you score three or higher, you should explore your answers further with a licensed and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) or a similarly trained addiction professional.

    * Your answer to any question with an asterisk could be related to an ego-dystonic (unwanted) pattern of sexual arousal. For instance, people with same-sex attractions sometimes feel badly about that, which might cause them to answer yes to some of the questions in this screening instrument. However, sexual addiction is unrelated to who or what it is that turns a person on. Things like homosexuality and fetish behaviors are not, per se, indicators of sexual addiction. This is one of the reasons it is important to discuss the results of this screening test with a licensed professional who can help you separate addictive (obsessive, out of control, problem causing) behaviors from behaviors that are not addictive but still create emotional discomfort for you.

    ** An affirmative answer to questions 14, 17, and/or 18, regarding illegal sexual behavior, is always a problem, with or without sexual addiction. If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should seek confidential advice from a licensed professional skilled in handling such issues. If/when you do this, be aware that psychotherapists and other helping professionals have legal reporting requirements (that vary from state to state) related to illegal sexual behaviors. Please learn about the reporting laws in your state prior to speaking to a professional in detail about these challenges.

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