6 Couples Therapists Reveal 6 Things That ALWAYS End Marriages

In an article titled “6 Couples Therapists Reveal 6 Things That ALWAYS End Marriages” featured on YourTango.com, Rob talks about item #5, lying or living a double life. Rob states that especially with the technology we have at our fingertips, it can be easy to hide a conversation or online profile from your significant other and that keeping lines of communication open and honest is essential for any relationship – especially as the internet makes the opportunity for fraudulent personas or profiles on cheating sites like Ashley Madison easy to possess. Read the full article online.

Swipe Right: Dating in the Digital Age

Swipe Right: Dating in the Digital AgeIn a Larry King Now segment titled “Swipe Right: Dating in the Digital Age,” Rob talks about the booming world of digital dating and why an increasing number of people are becoming addicted to dating apps such as Tinder. Rob also discusses  how online dating has evolved, apps that are just for hooks ups vs. relationships and the generation gap with dating. Watch the full video online.

Online porn use: How much is healthy? Part I

I an article titled “Online porn use: How much is healthy? Part I” featured on RedOrbit, Rob provides insight on the careful casual use of online porn, the warning signs for when a universal habit becomes dangerous and how America should adjust its general attitude towards sex. Rob also discusses how parents can better address the issue of porn use with their children, saying, “[Parents] in particular tend to freak out if/when they catch their kids with porn, even if the parents used porn themselves when they were kids. Rather than worrying or not worrying, it’s better to develop open lines of communication among family members, especially with kids, letting everyone know that sexual topics can be discussed without fear of judgment and/or reprimand.” Read the full article online.

My Husband Convinced Me I Was Insane

In an article titled “My Husband Convinced Me I Was Insane,” featured on damemagazine.com, Rob delves into the topic of “gaslighting” and explains how even “incredibly intelligent and emotionally healthy people are vulnerable” people can succumb to this type of manipulation and control. Rob goes on to say that most gaslighters are men and that the victims typically have experienced some sort of early life trauma. Read the entire article online

Reconnecting Offline

In an article titled “Reconnecting Offline” featured in the print edition of Asia Spa, which talks about how technology has changed the way that we communicate, look for love and have sex, Rob comments on how sometimes technology can cause a rift between couples. He adds that couples should create ground rules such as not bringing devices to the dinner table and bedroom. Rob also discusses how too much tech in the form of excessive porn can lead to sexual dysfunction and that it can sabotage any chances of long-term intimacy and emotional connections with partners. Visit Asia Spa online.