How To Tell If You Have Feelings For Someone Else

In an article titled “How To Tell If You Have Feelings For Someone Else” featured on, Rob addresses the uncomfortable issue of breaking up with someone when the feeling isn’t mutual, and how it is exceptionally harder if you’ve fallen for someone else. Rob suggests four bad ways of going about it, which include: Not telling her you’ve fallen for someone else, Announcing who you’ve fallen in love with on Social Media, Ending it via email or text and Breaking up by leaving a phone message. Rob also suggests three better ways to handle it, including by: Giving her space, Being a grown-up and Keeping posts to a minimum. Read the entire article online.

Google Glass Porn, Interactive Cybersex and Smart Toys Unveiled as the Future of ‘Digital Relationships’

In an article centered on the documentary “Google Glass porn, interactive cybersex and smart toys unveiled as the future of ‘digital relationships’ … but would YOU have a virtual reality romance?” featured on Daily Mail, Rob takes an in-depth look at the documentary and talks about how machines may one day be able to evoke the same kind of emotions that human beings evoke within themselves. Read the entire article online.

The Digital Love Industry

In an article titled “The Digital Love Industry” featured on Vice, Rob talks about the evolution of humanity and how dating and mating is now done through technology. Rob also notes how technology has enhanced 3D pornography, sex and masturbation, and shares his expertise in treating sex addiction and porn addicts while addressing the role digital media plays in these habits and behaviors. Read the entire article online.

Meet Me In Cyberspace

In article titled “Meet Me In Cyberspace” featured in the print issue of The Times of India, Rob explains that in digital affairs, there is a degree of “control” that one cannot have in real life. Rob adds that, “for instance, when you are tired of a person, or feeling cranky, you simply log off, allowing you and your online partner to avoid a lot of bad moments. In a non-virtual relationship, you don’t get that kind of space and land up arguing.” Read the entire article online.

5 Tips for Safe and Successful Online Dating

In an article titled “5 Tips for Safe and Successful Online Dating” featured in Digital Romance, Rob talks about how to affectively and safely date online. Some of Rob’s tips include: “Focus on What You Want,” “Be Honest (mostly)” and “Post a Good Online Dating Profile.” Read the entire article online.

Rob Talks About the New Movie ‘Addicted,’ Defines Sex Addiction

In an interview with Voice of America, Rob talks about the new movie “Addicted” and defines sex addiction, as well as identifying symptoms people should look out for, such as how sex addicts may choose sex over their own values and things that are important to them. Rob also talks about how tech plays a huge role in sex addiction and how these days it’s so much easier to feed the addiction. Listen to the entire interview online.