What Roles do Our Electronic Devices Play in Relationships?

Rob has recently been featured in several FOX News stations in a segment titled, “Devices’ Roles in Relationships.” During the segment, Rob discusses a new study that focuses on how digital devices are influencing relationships. While the anchor believes electronic devices might be making us more distractible, and more superficially engaged with more people, Rob talks about how they force people to communicate more in real time and could actually bring people together.

Understanding Process (Behavioral) Addictions

Rob’s article “Understanding Process (Behavioral) Addictions” has been published in the April 2014 issue of California Society for Clinical Social Work‘s Clinical Update. Clinical Update is a monthly newsletter published for California Society for Clinical Social Work members and is filled with timely special articles and monographs on professional, legal and business matters, as well as local, statewide meeting announcements, and job opportunities. Read Rob’s entire article here.

Understanding the Relationship between Intimacy-Avoidance and Addiction

Rob’s article “Understanding the Relationship between Intimacy-Avoidance and Addiction” is currently featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Paradigm Magazine. Paradigm Magazine is emailed to professionals in the behavioral healthcare field throughout the US, Canada and Foreign countries. Continue reading

Are GFYs Bad For Your Sex Life?

This article on The Daily Beast discusses the increased use of GFYs, a more technologically advanced version of GIFs, and whether or not they shorten men’s sexual attention spans. Rob explains that the more advanced technology becomes, and the more stimulating and intense the visuals, the more intense the dopamine rush one feels from orgasm and the harder it is to derive the same pleasure during real sex. Rob also notes that studies have shown that the more one consumes porn, the more distance he’ll feel from his real, physical object of sexual desire.  Read the full article here.