Seek Therapy for Sex and Internet Porn Addiction

In “Seek Therapy for Sex and Internet Porn Addiction” in the Health & Wellness and Addictions section on Rob discusses what to consider when seeking therapy for Internet porn addiction. Rob explains that for some viewers porn, “escalates from pleasurable distraction to behavioral compulsion, leading to depression, isolation, loneliness, shame, and wide variety of negative life consequences.” He then offers advice for getting help for porn addiction, including what questions to ask yourself and what not to do. Read the full article at


Neurobiological Basis for Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity Finally Gets Validation, Says Renowned Addiction Expert

Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-SRobert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, international addiction expert, speaker, author, clinician and founder of the Sexual Recovery Institute, embraces a new brain study by the University of Cambridge that provides powerful evidence that sex addiction is a legitimate neurobiological and emotional disorder. Continue reading

Rob Quoted in Medical Daily

In “Sex Addiction Is Still Not Officially Recognized, But Brains Of Hypersexual Individuals Work Similarly To Those Of Drug Addicts” on Medical Daily, Rob discusses a recent study conducted by Cambridge University that found similar brain activity in men with compulsive sexual behaviors and drug addicts. Rob explains why sex addiction should be recognized, how sex addiction should be treated, and whether it should be treated similarly to drug addiction and the prevalence of sex addiction in women. Read the entire article here.

Rob Featured on

The increasing need for parents to track their babies through tech gadgets and baby health monitors is discussed in “Aren’t health-tracking devices for babies a little over the top?” on The article challenges whether or not this behavior is necessary or even healthy. Rob explains that these types of baby health tracking and monitoring systems provide a peace of mind to parents who have babies with health concerns but for babies who have a clean bill of health, this may be causing more harm.  Rob says that severe anxiety in a household can be just as damaging but even less-severe anxiety in a parent can sometimes be problematic and that “if you sit around stressing about whether you are or are not raising your kids exactly right, your child will sense your uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. And that’s not such a good thing.” Read the entire article here.

Nymphomaniac: Is Sex Addiction Real?

Rob joined Michelle King Robson and Dr. Pam Peeke for a second segment on RadioMD’s HER Radio which also aired on June 12th. In “Nymphomaniac: Is Sex Addiction Real?” Rob, Michelle, and Pam discussed the differences between people who like sex and people who are sexually dependent and how these dependencies can affect someone’s life. Continue reading