Clinical Alert: Where Do You Stand Regarding Imminent Changes to Client Confidentiality (AB1775)?

I remember being endlessly instructed and reminded in graduate school (well over two decades ago) that the protection of client confidentiality was among the most elemental facets of a productive and meaningful psychotherapeutic relationship – that without the safety and trust provided by client confidentiality there is no true clinical path to healing. This teaching actually follows ethical standards tracing back to the Roman Hippocratic Oath! Today, barring certain exceptions codified in state and federal law, clinicians can actually be held legally liable for breaches in client confidentiality. These legal exceptions, whereby clinicians can and sometimes must break confidentiality, center on the prevention of imminent direct harm to the client or others. Continue reading

Connecting Self-Esteem in a Social Media World

In an article titled “Connecting Self-Esteem in a Social Media World” featured in the life section of Hitched Magazine, Dr. Weiss discusses how we can get caught up with tying our self-esteem to our digital profiles. Dr. Weiss explains that are reasons as to why we may not be getting the responses we want online. Read the entire article online.

9 People Who Are Revolutionizing Sex Today

In an article titled “9 People Who Are Revolutionizing Sex Today” featured on, Rob, who is credited as the “sex addiction expert,” talks about how, “tech now drives addiction for men and a growing number of women – when pleasure is more accessible, affordable, and anonymous, more people struggle with addiction”.  Rob also encourages readers to not “be afraid to put the tech in sex,” adding that the devices aren’t the issue, as long as they are used for honest, open connections. Read the full article online.

Emotional Infidelity

In an article title “Emotional Infidelity” featured on, Rob discusses how emotional infidelity is just as wrong as physically cheating on someone. Rob talks about how the internet makes it easier to cheat because “access, anonymity, and affordability have escalated in the digital age”. Rob also explains how when caught cheating, the “trust has been betrayed, and that’s a form of trauma,” adding that the healing process from this takes time and is something that needs to be earned back. Read the full article online.

Renowned Tech, Sex and Addictions Expert Robert Weiss to Conduct Advanced Clinical Training Classes in London

admin-ajax (1)On Nov. 10 and 11 in London, Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, renowned psychotherapist in the areas of tech, sex and addiction, and founder of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, will present advanced training on complex sexual addiction and recovery issues, including the effect of digital technology on sex and relationships.

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