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Clinical Psychosexual Assessment and Evaluation

Robert Weiss, PhD, LCSW, CSAT is available for psychosexual assessment and evaluation of problematic sexual behaviors (sexual addiction, sexual offending, sexual harassment, etc.). Evaluations, affidavits, and legal briefs can be tailored for use in criminal defense, civil litigation, employment settings, professional licensing board hearings, and more. Psychosexual assessments and evaluations can usually be completed by Dr. Rob and his multidisciplinary assessment, evaluation, and writing team in two to four weeks.

Reports typically include:

  • Full sexual history with assessment and evaluation, including information about sexual arousal patterns, addictions, compulsions, abuse history, and the like are done using ABEL screening, SAPASA 2017-18, and other assessment instruments, plus corroborating evidence and standard therapeutic and legal interview techniques. Plethysmograph and polygraph evaluations are utilized as needed.
  • When appropriate, full psychological assessment and evaluation (beyond sexual issues), including general issues, personality disorders, cognitive function, and more, using MMPI, Rorschach, Hare Psychopathy Checklist, and other standardized instruments, plus corroborating evidence and standard therapeutic and legal interview techniques.
  • Predictive evaluations regarding the risk of future harassment, abuse, discrimination, and/or offending behaviors, the likely response to treatment, and an evaluation of other possible outcomes.

Case consultations can be done online, via phone, or, preferably, in-person. Reports are always based in fact, not fear-mongering. All reports provide content suitable for use in supporting your case, plus “heads up” information about what opposing counsel is likely to emphasize and argue.

What to Expect

The primary goals of psychosexual assessments and evaluations differ by client and purpose, but in general Dr. Rob and his team provide:

  • A full and accurate picture of past, current, and potential sexual behavior concerns.
  • Recommendations and guidelines for treatment (and/or incarceration).
  • Information regarding a potential return to home, work, and community—including potential hazards.

A well-organized psychosexual evaluation details the individual’s general psychological functioning, sex and relationship history, and family and social history. It also includes an in-depth examination of the individual’s trauma history—emotional, physical, and sexual. (This history may be extensive.) Additionally, related physical and mental health concerns are delineated, as these issues are often relevant. Lastly, the report includes commentary on the level of openness and honesty in the individual’s self-disclosure.

Importantly, we understand that psychosexual assessment and evaluation reports are not useful to a court or licensing board if the information cannot be accurately understood by the reader. Moreover, in criminal cases, the legal system and those who work within it are often biased against accused sexual offenders, with an aggressively punitive mindset. In cases where treatment seems more appropriate than purely punitive sanctions, this bias must be overcome with clear and concise language that explains, in lay terminology, the differences between various types of sex offenders, and why this individual and the community are better served with a less punitive approach.

Expert Witness Testimony

In conjunction with psychosexual assessment and evaluation reports or based on the merits of a given case, Dr. Rob is available as an expert witness. With nearly three decades of professional experience and multiple highly regarded books to his credit, Dr. Rob’s credentials are unparalleled. Moreover, he is level-headed, clear spoken, and likable. In the past, he has worked with and provided expert advice to not only legal teams, but courts themselves, plus cities and towns, the US military, clergy, corporations, professional organizations, and more.

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