Understanding Sex Addiction

Sex addiction, also called hypersexuality, hypersexual disorder, sexual compulsivity, and compulsive sexual behavior disorder, is a behavioral addiction focused on sex.

Patterns of fantasy-driven behavior typically exhibited by sex addicts include:

  • Compulsive use of pornography, with or without masturbation.
  • Compulsive use of one or more digital sexnologies – webcams, sexting, dating/hookup websites and apps, virtual reality sex games, sexual devices, etc.
  • Consistently being “on the hunt” for sexual activity.
  • Multiple affairs or brief “serial” relationships.
  • Consistent involvement with strip clubs, adult bookstores, adult movie theaters, sex clubs, and other sex-focused environments.
  • Engaging in prostitution and/or sensual massage (hiring or providing).
  • A pattern of anonymous and/or casual hookups with people met online or in person.
  • Repeatedly engaging in unprotected sex.
  • Repeatedly engaging in sex with potentially dangerous people or in potentially dangerous places.
  • Seeking sexual experiences without regard to immediate or long-term potential consequences.
  • A pattern of minor sexual offenses such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, frotteurism, etc.

Sex addicts spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about, planning for, pursuing, and engaging in sexual activity (with themselves and/or others). Sex becomes an obsession to the point where important relationships, interests, and responsibilities are ignored. Often, sex addicts’ behaviors escalate to the point where they violate their inner values and moral code, which both creates and intensifies their shame. And because they feel so much shame about what they are doing, they nearly always find themselves leading a double life, keeping their sexual acting out secret and hidden from family, friends, and everyone else who matters to them.

Help is Available

Sex addiction is a puzzle that no one solves without support, direction, and accountability. Seeking Integrity Treatment Centers can provide this. So please, if you are struggling with sexual addiction, let us help you. For information about residential treatment, contact us via email or phone us at  (747) 234-HEAL (4325).