Healing the Relationship

After infidelity comes to light, the cheater needs to address the damage done to the relationship. This means, first and foremost, that the cheater needs to rebuild relationship trust.

Unfortunately, relationship trust is not automatically rebuilt simply because the cheating stops and stays stopped for a certain period. Instead, relationship trust is regained through consistent and sometimes painful actions engaged in over time.

Basically, cheaters need to make a commitment to living differently and abiding by certain relationship boundaries – the most important of which is ongoing rigorous honesty about everything, all the time, from here on out. They need to fearlessly tell the truth no matter what, starting right now, even when they know the truth is likely to upset their spouse.

Help is Available

Seeking Integrity hosts Weekend Workshops for Couples trying to heal after infidelity. These workshops are facilitated by renowned couples and sex addiction therapist Paul Hartman. Space is limited to four couples per session. Call Seeking Integrity at 747.234.4325 for information, pricing, and availability.